About Us

Neo Indian Institute of Hotel Management (NIIHM) is not just another hotel management college but one who has already carved a niche in the industry by offering higher education programs accredited by the Neo Indian Organization. We are a co-educational school with English as our mode of instruction. Students of every nationality, colour, race, religion, sex and creed are imparted knowledge with a complete focus on developing their management skills and making them industry ready. Approach the best hotel management college in Barasat if you have successfully completed your full secondary school program and we will let you choose from a broad range of courses covering every vital area of the hospitality industry

Join NIIHM And Get A Versatile Career

The general education components of our undergraduate programs help in developing the intellectual abilities of our students. Not only are we the best hotel management college but also develop the abilities of our students by comforting them with every sort of challenges the hotel industry is facing. The organizational, technical and administrative skills of our graduates improve so they can progress through the management hierarchy ranks. Choose one of our hospitality management courses in Barasat and stay assured of embarking your career with confidence, internship experience, inter-personal skills and adequate knowledge. The international environment of our hotel management institute promotes awareness and understanding of national and cultural difference.

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How We Differ?

  • Regular & periodical internships in renowned hotels and in concerned institutions.
  • Ample of theoretical and practical classes within the institution.
  • Train and educate every student to a level of all-round competence.
  • Encourage teamwork which enhances their interpersonal skills.
  • Faculty members from the top hotel management colleges.

What We Provide

1) 100% Job Guarantee Letter

We believe that the right career begins with the right placement and understand the importance of a Job Guarantee letter. We improve the knowledge of our students and prepare them to enter the hospitality industry with confidence. We have tie-ups with numerous renowned hotels, restaurants and related institutions and motivate our graduates for better job prospects.

2) Foreign Internship Program

We entertain students willing to pursue their trained internship abroad through our Foreign Internship Program. It exposes the students to the international industrial culture which improves their inter-personal skills. Whether you can visit a foreign land for your internship program or not is completely dependent on the issuance of visa by the particular consultants.

3) Placement Before Final Exam

With a focus on maintaining our reputation as the best hotel management institute, we handle every query about your placement. Students are provided with exciting job opportunities before their final exam so that you can have complete peace of mind. The campus interviews organised by NIIHM are the best our industry has to offer.

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Our Mission

The mission of the Neo Indian Institute of Hotel Management is to provide a complete educational experience to students, where students are developed intellectually and professionally. The classroom instructions prepare them to meet the challenge and the practical attachments ensures their professional growth and development. Neo Indian Institute of Hotel Management is targeting individuals to achieve their full potential and to accomplish academic excellence through a very standard but flexible curriculum that will meet the demand in international arena.

Our Vision

When people can imagine, they dream; and when they work hard to fulfill the dream, it becomes the fact, the truth to believe. The institute is established with the aim to fulfill the aspirations and requirements of the higher management education in India. India is very rich in populace and through developing the skills they could be the best service people, especially in the field of tourism and hospitality. The knowledge, the education and the skills need to be shared with millions of Indian who are aspirant for a better future. Neo Indian Institute of Hotel Management is being the symbol of quality institution, which is concerned about the students’ welfare and their entire academic, professional and social needs. In course of time, this unique institute will turn into a college and finally a specialized University for Management & Technology in India, with the blessings of the Almighty.

hotel and hospitality management courses
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Our Values

In pursuit of its vision and mission, the College will at all times be guided the following fundamental core values:

1. Integrity: We operate in an honest, trustworthy and transparent manner

2. Commitment: We are dedicated towards achieving our mandate.

3. Leadership: We have the courage to shape a better future for our institution.

4. Accountability: We will perform in a manner at all times that makes us accountable, responsible and answerable to our customers and other stakeholders both external and internal.

5. Diversity: We believe in diversity and inclusion and thus constantly seek fresh approaches, new ideas and different outlooks to achieve success.

6. Quality: We believe in delivering excellent services.

7. Professionalism: We believe in excellent skills, good judgement and behaviour as expected in the tourism and hospitality industry.

8. Character Building: Building character is the core & one of the fundamental values to us which help our students to stay strong.

9. Social & Gender equality: Social & Gender equality is as important as working in a team for the betterment of an organisation that helps to unite each-other.

10. Respect for the individual: We believe in the philosophy of “in order to get respect, one has to be respected first”.

11. Recognition for Creativity & Innovation: Creativity & Innovation is the change we want to see in all aspects of the thriving world that drives it toward the future.

12. Service to mankind: Service to mankind is similar to the service to the God for us.

13. Positive Approach to Everything: A positive approach elevates a man to the top of the world despite all odds.

14. Harmony with Nature: Nature is the apex mother to all we have today and we believe in maintaining a proper harmony with it.

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